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wItem Installer (Free) 4.5.15
wItem Installer is a powerful, easy to use, highly interactive tool for creating reliable Windows Installer packages that meet the Windows 2000/XP logo certification guidelines.

Professional developers rely on Installer to quickly and easily create reliable MSI installation packages using the latest Microsoft technologies.

wItem Installer is script-free and does not require the user to have any programming background, nor does it require the user to learn any application-specific language! It allows you to use a point-and-click interface to create and manage installation projects based on your business needs. Besides that this tool will allow you to create self-extracting executable files for distribution over the Web, Internet, Intranet and e-mail your data files, graphic images or whatever else you want to distribute!

- Royalty free distribution of unlimited number of installation packages
- Easy to use, step-by-step interface
- No requirement to learn any scripting language
- Uninstaller
- Multilanguage support - English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Greek, Portuguese(Brazil), Hungarian, Serbian, Slovenian, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Arabic.
- Run in Silent Mode - this option performs a silent (unattended) installation
- Run in Command Line Mode
- Create 64-bit packages
- Register ActiveX DLL,OCX and EXE files
- Install TrueType® fonts
- Create Start Menu Group and Icons
- Create Icons (shortcuts) on User's Desktop
- Create Icons (shortcuts) on the Start Menu
- Create Icons (shortcuts) on the Quick Launch Toolbar
- Create Icons (shortcuts) in the common groups that appear on the Start Menu for all users or in the user's program groups.
- Windows NT4/2000/XP option
- Registry modifications
- Import Registry files (.reg)
- Environment variables modifications
- Windows File Associations
- Context-sensitive Help - English
- Setup variables
- Search for components, files, folders, registry and INI entries during the install process
- Customizable Dialog Images
- CAB compression
- View Readme text
- View License text
- Windows NT/2000/XP Services Support
- ODBC Support
- Service Support
- Run External Applications, DLLs, JScripts, VBScripts Before Setup
- Run External Applications, DLLs, JScripts, VBScripts After Setup
- Run External Applications, DLLs, JScripts, VBScripts Before Uninstaller
- Run Installed Program after Setup has finished
- Open applications with associated files
- Creates Self-extracting Setup - "Single EXE distribution"
- Custom Self-extracting Setup Icon
- Merge Modules Support (commonly used for third-party runtimes)
- Create and apply transforms
- View Readme after Setup
- Force restart after successful installation
 wItem Installer (Free)
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Producer : wItem Software   
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