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WinPrivacy 2015.1.537
WinPrivacy rips open the veil of secrecy programs have been hiding behind by exposing every single program on your computer that is using the Internet.

- Tells you from where each program is sending and receiving data, and how much.

- Gives you the power to block Internet access for any program(s).

- Empowers you to block any unknown programs from using the Internet without your permission. INCLUDING Viruses!

- Is highly configurable.

- Can automatically remove unwanted Flash Cookies

- Designed to Block Canvas Fingerprinting

- Informs you which sites DO NOT use Canvas Fingerprinting so you can use them instead

It is time to Take back your Internet privacy!

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Operating System :  /Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1
# of Downloads : 3 | First Published On : 16.03.2015 04:23 | Last Updated On : 19.04.2015 13:35 | License : Shareware | Size : 20697 KB
Producer : WinPatrol   
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