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 »  Samsung Releases 4 Gb RAM Module

Samsung officially announced that it would roll out a 4 Gb RAM module. The chip uses the DDR3 technology and has a 50-nanometer architecture, which means that this is the most advanced module on the market in terms of capacity.

Still, it is worth noting that the chip has 4 gigabits of memory, which is the equivalent of 3.72 GB. The electronics giant reported that the module provides significant improvements in performance and capacity compared with any other DDR3 memory, while drawing less power.

According to a Samsung representative, the company aims to deliver its new high-density chips in a dual-line 16 GB RDIMM format for servers and 8 GB DIMM for workstations. The company will also offer its new chip to laptop manufacturers, in a regular 8 GB DIMM design.

The new 50-nanometer technology that Samsung uses with its 4 Gb RAM chips means that a 32GB large module can be obtained. This is two times more than the competition, but due to the high density of Samsung?s module, the 32GB package will draw less power for twice the capacity.

In the RAM technology, the DDR3 architecture was a huge leap from DDR2, as it offered eight times higher the speed and a 30 to 40 percent decrease of power consumption. Still, due to the condition of the economy, in 2008 only 29 percent of the computer users had DDR3 RAM modules installed, but analysts expect a 50 percent increase for the next two years.

Source: Date : 2009-02-02 23:21:00
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