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Employee Desktop Live Viewer 13.02.01
Every organization aims at increased productivity and any obstruction in reaching the goal has to be tackled meticulously. It becomes mandatory to analyze the employees’ productivity at each moment. Being an employer, you have every right to know what your employees are doing in their office hours and this could be successfully achieved with the help of Download Spyware Software.

Employee Desktop Viewer is a unique and efficient system monitoring tool, which enables the employer to view LIVE desktops of employees and record it. According to a recent survey conducted, it has been proved that 80 percent of employees spend more than 20 percent of their time at work either surfing the net, chatting or checking their personal emails.

This is quite a considerable amount but if you download and install spyware software, you can easily monitor the employees’ various activities at office hours. You can keep a bird’s eye view on many computers at the same time. Moreover, not only you can record the LIVE work of employees’ but can record and save the offline work as well. That is, this software lets you set offline recording schedules for individual target workstation, which can later be viewed as AVI movies.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer helps company management or administration in monitoring and supervising all their employee computers’ activities in real time. Any misuse or illegal activity is immediately reported once you download the spyware. The Download Spyware tool also allows performing administrative tasks remotely on target computers being monitored like closing the computer, restarting, locking, logging off, removing screensaver or wallpaper.

Following are the distinguished features of Employee Desktop Live Viewer:
# Helps to view LIVE desktop activities of employees in LAN
# Successfully monitors ‘N’ number of computers simultaneously
# Makes real time monitoring of employee computer activities possible
# It provides dual screen monitoring support
# It effectively works in domain based and workgroup based network
# It creates Online and Offline recordings in AVI format
# Provides perfect computer surveillance solution to monitor each and every computer activity

How Employee Desktop Live Viewer works?
When you download the software, two set up files appear, namely Viewer and Agent. The Viewer is installed on the Server computer (which will monitor) and the Agent on the target remote computers on the network. ‘N’ number of the target computers can be registered and added to the Viewer system for online or offline monitoring. Viewer receives information from the agent and displays those activities in the computer thumbnails. Agent can face difficulty if the internet speed is slow or facing some network issues. Therefore, you must ensure good speed and connectivity on the network.
 Employee Desktop Live Viewer
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Operating System :  /Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 2003
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