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EasyZip has a modern easy-to-use interface, with access to many powerful features. EasyZip contains all the features you would expect from a compression program / archive utility - you can read and extract zip format. EasyZip prides itself on its simple, smarter way of doing things throughout the whole application.

Automatic installation of most software distributed in Zip files: If a Zip file contains a \"setup\" or \"install\" program, EasyZip\'s Install feature will unzip the files, run the installation program.

Favorite Zip Folders: EasyZip lets you organize Zip files into one convenient list that is sorted by date, making it easier to locate all Zip files, regardless of where they came from or where they are stored. Unlike the standard Open Archive dialog box, the Favorite Zip Folders dialog box treats the contents of multiple folders as though they were one folder. A Search facility will find any Zip files lost on your hard disk.

Large file support: EasyZip supports the 64-bit Zip file format, which eliminates all practical restrictions on the size of Zip files and on the number and size of compressed files within a Zip file. Zip file capacity is limited only by your system\'s resources.

Create files that unzip themselves: EasyZip Self-Extractor Personal Edition is included with EasyZip. Self-extracting files are ideal for sending compressed files to others who may not own or know how to use file compression software.

Drag and Drop: EasyZip will except dropping zip archive file when dropping them into the application.

EasyZip is extremely easy to use! To open an archive simply double click on an archive listed in My Computer or Windows Explorer, drag and drop an archive onto EasyZip, or use the standard Open dialog box. The main EasyZip window features a list with the names, sizes, and date/time stamps of all files in the open archive. This list can be scrolled and sorted on any field. A configurable tool bar provides fast access to commonly used actions. Extensive context sensitive help is always available.

Double Clicking on a file in the main EasyZip window has the same effect as double clicking in My Computer or Windows Explorer. First, the file is extracted from the archive. Then, if the file is executable, it is run. Otherwise, the file is opened by the appropriate application (for example, WordPad for *.WRI files) based on standard Windows associations.

New features with version 3.0

Added the PPMd compression method
Added BZip2 compression method
Completely re-written in VS.NET 2005
100% Vista compatable
New skin engine and a new skin
Many minor inprovements
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